Lez Rudge is a Director who has an eye for beauty and fashion. Intricate details with an emotional connection to the subject on screen is what he loves to capture on camera. His work has an organic feel, even when a piece may be more stylized, there has to be an objective perspective to weave the narrative together.

He is a world renowned colorist who has worked on award winning television commercials, as well as music videos, movies and almost every type of live action format, be it art films, installations, etc.

Lez is a Director/colorist.

Being regarded as one with an eye for distinction and touted as an artist who can find the beauty in almost any project, one of his strengths is his ability to work cohesively and efficiently with all shapes and sizes of producers, creatives and even brand clients.

Having grown up in Singapore, Lez first started working at renowned Post-Production facility- VHQ Singapore, where he worked on campaigns for the major agencies in the regent that handled accounts such as Singapore Airlines, Tiger Beer, and a host of other prestigious clients.

4 years later, he moved to Melbourne, Australia to become Senior Colorist at Complete Post where he collaborated on regional and global campaigns for major brands in Australia such as Coca Cola, Toyota, Ford, Victoria Bitter, and countless more. 2 years later he was hired by Zero 1 Zero in Sydney, and expanded his client base in Australia even further, including working on a host of music videos for bands such as Powderfinger, U am I, Tex Perkins, and many more working with directors such as Andrew Dominik, Ray Lawrence, Jeff Darling, and Paul Goldman among them.

Lez was then hired by Nice Shoes New York and has been working with the top agencies, directors, and Dps in the world, from Spike Lee, Darren Aronofsky, Janusz Kaminski, Tony Kaye, Tarsem – those being a few of the multi award winning clients he has collaborated with. He is also regarded as a cohesive partner with many agencies who have constantly used him on a multitude of projects.

Lez has started to venture into directing, as he says ‘using his eye for the intrinsic beauty of almost any setting’ – the depth and knowledge of his post production background helping in his arsenal of experience and talent.